Consistency & Reduced Labor: Can They Co-Exist?

Posted by Pace Reps on Jun 10, 2020 3:30:00 AM

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Consistency.  When it comes to the production of food in any foodservice operation, it’s an objective that’s considered to be critical and yet, all-too-often, painfully elusive as well.

Food consumers everywhere have a certain expectation of consistency each time they dine at a particular food service establishment – they want to know what to expect whenever they eat there. This is how loyalties to a given foodservice establishment are developed and what leads consumers back for more of the same.

Yet there are few things more disappointing to most of us than returning to a dining establishment for a menu item we’ve enjoyed previously, only to find that same item to be “not quite the same” the second time around.

Given the challenges faced by many of today’s food service operators – not the least of which are the cost and availability of skilled labor – many struggle to deliver on consumer expectations when it comes to delivering consistent food quality. Even those establishments that do have skilled cooking staff can still struggle to balance the demands of producing a variety of different, complex food recipes with consistent results.

For certain types of food service operations – especially those producing a high volume of complex food recipes -- the Cucimix Automated Braising Pan with Mixer from Firex may provide the solution.  Cucimix takes labor almost fully out of the equation when producing large volumes of a given food product, while at the same time guaranteeing consistent results every single time.

Cucimix Unit

So how, then, is this possible?

First, let’s take a look at how the Cucimix operates. Looking quite similar to a traditional tilting steam kettle, the Cucimix is actually a round tilting braising pan with a heated jacket, the design of which varies depending upon whether the unit is gas or electric powered. Within the walls of the electric version of the Cucimix, for example, are available independently-programmable heating elements which create 3 individual heat zones from top to bottom. Heat can be applied to the ingredients in the bottom section of the cooking vessel only, or 2/3 up the cooking vessel, or all the way to the top at any given time:

Zone HeatingPrecise temperature measurement is guaranteed by a probe mounted directly in the pan to ensure foods are at the exact desired temperature while cooking.

Additionally, inside the cooking vessel is a mixing device which simultaneously turns and stirs the food while also scraping it from the sides of the cooking vessel for even distribution of the ingredients. This stirring/scraping action allows for even cooking without burning.

firex cucimix pace repsThe mixing device (which is, by the way, easily removable for cleaning) can provide rotation in both directions, with speed regulation and time adjustment (including pause time) directly from the control panel to provide the ideal mixing rotation for the food being produced. And speaking of the control panel, this is the intelligent feature of the Cucimix that truly allows for ultimate consistency while minimizing any use of labor.

The 7” Firex Easy Touch Control touchscreen panel allows for the creation and editing of cooking programs, each of which can be multi-phase (a manual mode is also possible). This allows for incredibly simple production of even complex multi-step recipes such as stews, ragouts, goulashes, sauces, fillings, soups, stocks, chocolates, jams and jellies, caramels and much more. During the cooking process, the user is simply alerted by the display to add a designated amount of the next ingredient as needed for the next step of the cooking process. There is no requirement on the part of the user for stirring, scraping or adjusting temperatures – all of this is controlled completely automatically. While all of this may sound good on paper, seeing the process in action is what really tells the story:

Making Jam in FIREX with Chef Jason

A built-in USB port allows for the transfer of recipes from unit to unit, as well as for easily downloading automatically-recorded HACCP data for simple documentation of HACCP compliance.

So if you’ve been seeking ways to increase consistency with your production recipes while at the same time freeing up your kitchen staff to do other important things around the kitchen, please give us a call to discuss Cucimix. It just may be the solution you’ve been looking for!

Ready to explore what the Firex Cucimix can do for your kitchen? We invite you to schedule a free equipment assessment and consultation with us to see how we can maximize your kitchen's performance. 

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