A Ventless Cooking Solutions Primer Part 1

Posted by Pace Reps on Oct 10, 2019 10:40:01 AM

A Ventless Cooking Solutions Primer Part 1

Ventless cooking is one of the most important and one of the hottest developments in foodservice for a variety of reasons. Whether the challenge is a lack of space or a lack of funds, ventless cooking equipment can be a great way for foodservice operators to do more with less.

Here at Pace Reps, we've been proponents of "going ventless" for a long time because we've seen the direct impacts this type of equipment can have. Over the years, we've carefully partnered with ventless cooking and exhaust hood manufacturers who can best help our customers, and we'd like to begin by sharing a few of those with you here in this first installment of our two-part Ventless Equipment blog post.

Ventless Equipment Can Help You Maximize Your Kitchen Space... and Your Budget.

Does the elimination of exhaust hoods make for more room in the kitchen? The short answer is 'yes.' If you decide to remove vents from cooking areas, vertical space opens up almost instantly. The typical build-out a vented hood and installation of the associated ductwork isn't required for proper HVAC with ventless cooking equipment, and this means equipment can also go vertical. Think stacked.

The other savings comes in the form of overhead. Both literally and figuratively. Building out a restaurant or foodservice operation with the proper ductwork we mentioned above can involve considerable expense, and ventless cooking equipment will completely cut those costs out of the budget.

Let's take a quick look at a few of the ventless cooking equipment manufacturers we represent in Georgia, Alabama, Eastern Tennessee, and in the Florida Panhandle.

Wells Ventless Hoods 

Wells Shield

  • Electric ovens, grills, combi-ovens, hot plates, steamers, woks, fryers, ranges, hot-plates (induction and otherwise), and more allow chefs and kitchen workers to cook almost anywhere. One ventless hood can service virtually every type of electric cooking equipment, with the possible exception of electric charbroilers.
  • Wells Ventless 2Wells' ventless hoods do not have to be vented outside and boast a fully self-contained ANSUL fire suppression device.
  • Traditional Type-1 hoods require cleaning and inspection by a third party at least twice a year, and some municipalities require this as often as four times a year. Wells ventless hoods do not require this maintenance, which offsets the cost of purchase of the ventless hood.
  • Wells' ventless filters only need cleaning every few months.
  • Ventless hoods are portable and have adjustable legs that allow for installation in almost impossible spaces. This portability also facilitates moving the ventless hood to a new location should the operator outgrow its current location or choose a new location when a lease expires.
  • Since ventless hoods are considered equipment rather than capital improvement (like a traditional hood), they can usually be depreciated over a very short period of time.
  • Wells ventless hoods have approvals in all 50 states and throughout the Canadian provinces. This includes all major cities in North America.

Evo America


Evo is a cooking appliance manufacturer that designs and builds front-of-the-house display cooking equipment that is energy-efficient for both indoor and outdoor settings. As Evo puts it, the future is ventless!

Foodservice chains, supermarkets, restaurants, resorts, hotels, corporate cafeterias, sports arenas, and universities, use Evo appliances because they optimize sales, reduce waste, minimize costs (labor, prep time), and put the spotlight on sustainability and freshness.

Two of the products represented by Evo America are:

EVent 1     Teppan 3

1. The EVent Ventless Electric Griddle with an integrated ventilation system, a high-efficiency electric griddle, an integrated ventilation system, and a fire suppression system.

2. The EVent Teppan is a Teppanyaki ventless griddle that has filtering, grease capture, odor removal, and fire-protection.

Ventless griddles allow chefs to bring their food-making up close and personal, creating excitement while enticing customers with appealing fresh-grilled foods.

Learn more about these two ventless cooking equipment manufacturers, and see if they can be utilized in your foodservice operation.

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