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Posted by Pace Reps on Jul 12, 2023 9:29:35 AM

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The innovations in today’s commercial kitchens create more convenience and operational efficiencies than in years past. Thanks to advances in foodservice equipment technology, units are faster and deliver more consistent quality than before and can often do so with less strain on labor. 

Ultimately, this means that operations not using the most recent technologies can often be at a disadvantage. The trick, then, is to fully educate today’s operators on what those technologies are and why they matter. 

Let’s start by talking about some of the general innovations in today’s foodservice landscape, and then we’ll introduce you to the benefits of CVap technology from Winston Foodservice and how they fit within this important category of innovation.

Precision Cooking

Consistency is a huge part of the restaurant experience, particularly for fast-casual establishments with brand recognition. Marketing and sales tactics can bring people into the door, but if a customer doesn't get what they're expecting, there could be trouble. That's where smart foodservice technology can come into play.

While the upfront investment can be substantial, the payoff is worth the price tag. Smart equipment offers precise cooking controls that ensure consistent temperatures, speeds, and overall presentation. For example, a smart oven can adjust its settings according to what's cooking inside of it. Similarly, smart fryers can filter and top themselves off automatically to ensure consistency across all fried dishes.

Humans make mistakes, but smart foodservice technology can mitigate those mistakes so restaurants don't have to worry about losing customers over it.

Automation and Efficiency

Automation is happening at breakneck speed, and both restaurants and customers are trying to keep up. While robo-cooks may get all the attention, there are many other ways that automation can enhance the dishes prepared and cooked by employees without replacing anyone.

We've already mentioned how smart ovens and fryers can lead to better consistency, but other forms of automation can include:


Kiosks are becoming far more prevalent as they allow customers to place orders at their discretion. Many restaurants are also offering mobile orders through an app, making it more convenient to grab items and go.

With fewer cashiers needed for these transactions, more people can focus on cooking and expediting dishes to meet demand.


Automated systems can help keep track of inventory by looking at live orders and notifying employees of any potential shortages. For example, as certain dishes are ordered, the system can update the inventory in the cooler. While these systems may not be precise all the time, they're useful for seeing what's running out the fastest.


Restaurant pop-ups and mobile catering sites are becoming much more commonplace. For example, a restaurant can set up a mobile commercial kitchen at an event, or a new foodservice startup can test menu items at a pop-up location before opening a brick-and-mortar establishment.

High-tech equipment can help make this possible. For example, ventless grills and ovens allow operators to set up wherever they like because they don't need hoods or ductwork. Plus, since these machines use electricity instead of gas, all an operator needs is an outlet, and they're good to go.

CVap Technology From Winston Foodservice

Running a commercial kitchen doesn't have to be as stressful and complicated as it used to be. Winston Foodservice offers a complete lineup of high-tech devices that utilize controlled vapor technology (CVap) to deliver better results every time.

While using humidified cooking could turn dishes into soggy messes, CVap technology can be used for virtually everything. Plus, water vapor has much more precise control over cooking and warming dishes so they're hot and fresh when they reach the customer.

Some of the benefits of CVap cooking and holding technology include:

  • Overnight cooking 
  • Braising 
  • Probe cooking 
  • Automatic holding
  • Sous Vide
  • Smoking
  • Baking

Best of all, these ovens offer smart technology features, such as wireless programming, delayed start times, repeatable results, and ventless cooking. Making it easier for restaurants, schools, and hospitality venues to cook multiple menu items with one simple to use device.

Find out how CVap technology from Winston Foodservice can help your business - take our free assessment to get started:

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