Introducing ICETRO America

Posted by Pace Reps on Sep 1, 2022 4:20:19 PM

We're excited to welcome ICETRO America into our brand lineup! A proven leader in the refrigeration industry, ICETRO ensures that restaurants, hospitality venues, and convenience stores can offer ice-cold treats year-round.

Here's a basic breakdown of the new beverage-focused solutions available through Pace Reps.

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6 Benefits Of Steam Cooking With Crown Steamers

Posted by Pace Reps on Aug 12, 2022 3:20:54 PM

Foodservice businesses are always looking for the best ways to serve consistent meals. Having a method that can thoroughly cook a variety of food quickly while also saving money is a win-win for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools. That's why steam cooking is an ideal solution for many menu items. 

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Discover The Benefits Of Ventless Cooking

Posted by Pace Reps on May 23, 2022 6:30:00 AM

If you're familiar with cooking in a commercial kitchen, you know the value of proper ventilation. Whether it's a flat-top grill, oven, or some other appliance, vents ensure the health and safety of all employees by removing smoke, heat, and other harmful elements. 

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Essential Foodservice Equipment To Start A Ghost Kitchen

Posted by Pace Reps on May 17, 2022 11:19:06 PM

Ghost kitchens, despite the name, have nothing to do with ghosts. Also known as a dark kitchen or a cloud kitchen, ghost kitchens are professionally designed spaces where food is prepared exclusively to be delivered to customers. So there is no front room where patrons can sit down to wait or eat.

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Are You Ready for Cinco de Mayo?!

Posted by Pace Reps on Apr 18, 2022 4:08:49 PM

America is a melting pot, and with the moniker comes great cuisines from around the world. We also like celebrations, of course, and when you combine the two, the result is a tendency to take a particular holiday, magnify it, and turn it into a big party celebrating ethnic foods and beverages. St Patrick's Day? Check. The Chinese New Year? Check. Cinco de Mayo? Absolutely!

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Behind The Scenes Of A School Kitchen

Posted by Pace Reps on Apr 7, 2022 10:49:43 AM

School cafeterias cannot operate without the hardworking staff who prepare meals for their teachers and children every day. With continued labor issues, some districts are having a hard time finding staff to run their school nutrition programs. Having the right foodservice equipment can help with the labor shortage and help staff complete tasks a little more easily.

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Introducing FERMOD Shelving

Posted by Pace Reps on Mar 25, 2022 12:32:01 PM

Modular shelving can be some of the most useful equipment in your commercial kitchen. As anyone who has worked in the back-of-the-house knows, organization is critical to success, and shelving can contribute more than just about anything, especially when it can be arranged to fit the layout of your walk-in or dry storage space.

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3 Ways to Promote Foodservice Sustainability in 2022

Posted by Pace Reps on Feb 23, 2022 10:24:15 AM

Over the past four or five years, we've seen an increased desire for greater sustainability in restaurants and the foodservice industry. This was also reaffirmed in the latest What's Hot Culinary Forecast from the National Restaurant Association. From more environmentally-friendly packaging in the surge of the recent off-premise dining trend to ingredients that are farmed, caught, or harvested in more enviro-conscious ways, sustainability is still a central influencer in 2022.

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Making Overnight Grits With The RATIONAL iCombi Pro

Posted by Pace Reps on Feb 10, 2022 6:45:00 AM

Great served any time of day, grits are a staple in Southern cuisine. Save time in your restaurant or school by cooking them overnight in the RATIONAL iCombi Pro oven

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A CrystalClear Look at Food Shields

Posted by Pace Reps on Feb 3, 2022 9:06:38 AM


Food is enjoyed with the senses, not the least of which is the sense of sight. Being able to easily see the food that is being served can help customers and students appreciate and choose menu items more readily than if they just appear on a menu. Helping present food in an attractive way, while still protecting it, is easier with LTI CrystalClear food shields. CrystalClear™ food shields allow the food to be the center of attention by providing a clear, unobstructed view of the maximum amount of food possible. The intentionally minimal use of supporting infrastructure provides a wide-open view of every bit of food being protected by the shield, creating a welcoming sight to the customer.

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