The Blixer: A Unique Machine for Specialized Applications

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Since the introduction of the first commercial bowl-type food processors by Robot-Coupe almost a half-century ago, these units have become indispensable equipment to commercial kitchens around the globe -- and for good reason. No other machine provides quite the same versatility to chop, blend and mix that a bowl food processor provides. From processing puree diets for healthcare, blending sauces and salad dressings, chopping nuts and making bread crumbs, to mixing doughs and batters, bowl food processors provide solutions considered essential to almost any foodservice operator.

A relatively newer invention, the Robot-Coupe Blixer, closely resembles the bowl-type food processor and, similarly to its forbearer, can range in size from a 2.9-liter countertop unit all the way up to a 60- liter floor model.  Beyond that similarity, however, several unique patented features separate the Blixer into an entirely different category of food processing machines.  

What makes a Blixer unique?

Blixer 6In this blog, we’d like to share here a little about how the Blixer is different from the standard food processor; as well as why a unit such as the Blixer exists and how it can provide one-of-a-kind solutions to a number of food processing challenges.

For starters, let’s take a look at how the Blixer is different from a standard food processor in terms of its design:  

  • 3600 RPM Motor Speed – Creating a greater impact on the food being processed, this compares to the typical 1500 to 1750 RPM speeds found in food processors.
  • Fine Serrated ‘S’ Blade with Inverted Blades – Serrated blades provide for much more aggressive processing of the food while the inverted blades create a literal cutting vortex through which the food must pass.
  • Flat Blade Shape – Creates a higher blunt impact on the food than the standard curved blade.
  • Scraper Arm – Constantly folds the food back into the cutter blades to ensure more aggressive and thorough processing of the food. 

These features of the Blixer allow it to provide a much more smooth and homogenized result than is possible in ANY mere bowl-type food processor.  In fact, one could run certain foods in a food processor all day long without ever reaching the same level of consistent, smooth homogenization that can be achieved by the Blixer in just a few seconds. See it in action in our video below! 

Using a Blixer in Healthcare Settings

One of the most obvious places where this incredible smoothness and homogenization can be of critical benefit is in the sector of healthcare.  It’s no secret that certain foods -- beans, corn, pineapple, and coleslaw, for example – cannot be broken down thoroughly enough to be safely included on fine puree or liquefied diets. Adding liquids can assist to some degree, but with the addition of liquid comes the deterioration of food quality and nutrient density. For this reason, many facilities opt to simply leave these more challenging items off their special diet menus entirely.  But the use of the Blixer now allows these foods to be prepared safely for swallowing with the addition of either minimal or ZERO liquids, maximizing both patient/resident safety and nutrient content.

The Blixer's Specialized Applications

In addition to its usefulness in healthcare, there are several specific food items that can also individually benefit from the Blixer’s  smooth homogenization capabilities:


HummusHummus is incredibly popular and is always best when all ingredients are thoroughly blended to a smooth texture.  While chickpeas can be a challenging food in terms of being able to process them completely, the Blixer is entirely up to the task of processing these to velvety smoothness while at the same time distributing secondary ingredients such as tahini, garlic, olive oil, and seasonings evenly throughout the mixture. The Blixer does such a fantastic job of doing all of this that a number of restaurants serving this favorite refer to it as their “Hummus Machine".

Nut Butters

Nut ButtersChopping nuts for use in recipes and toppings is a common and very useful capability of bowl-type food processors.  But processing nuts to a smooth nut butter consistency is an altogether different challenge.  Nuts are certainly one of those items that can be extremely difficult to reduce to the smooth, homogenous consistency that is desired in most nut butters, and this is often dependent on the oil content in the nuts.  Whether starting with roasted peanuts, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, cashews, or almonds, the Blixer can provide an incredibly smooth and delicious nut butter that is unlike anything that a food processor could ever produce.  

Nut Milks Nut Milks

Nut milks such as almond milk have also become incredibly popular as a lactose-free alternative to traditional milk.  By pre-soaking the almonds for a few hours prior to processing, excellent results can be achieved in creating delicious almond milk using the Blixer.

Acai Bowls

Acai BowlThese sweet frozen treats are becoming immensely popular all over the country, but processing the thick frozen mixture to a smooth consistency can be a real challenge and virtually impossible when using a standard blender or food processor.  Thanks to its unique blade design, high motor speed, and scraper arm, the Blixer can create the delightful, smooth texture that most acai bowl lovers expect.

Ground Spices & Spice Blends

Ground SpicesFinely-ground spices and spice blends are one type of product where the fine serrated flat blade and high motor RPMs of the Blixer work in perfect harmony to create impressive results.  Starting with basic spices, one can expect to create a finely ground and homogenized spice blend in less than 60 seconds in most cases.

The unique chopping, blending, and homogenization capabilities of the Blixer have helped it to find a home in other unique applications outside the foodservice industry as well:


Cosmetic CreamsOwing once again to its tremendous ability to create a smooth and homogenized product, the Blixer has become increasingly recognized as a perfect unit for the blending of cosmetics products, particularly products such as shea butter and other skin creams.

Scientific Research & Analysis

ResearchThe Blixer has proven itself capable of grinding foods and other items into a particulate size that is often suitable for use in scientific analysis, a factor that has made it increasingly popular in research labs in the poultry, pesticide, and medical industries. Even the CDC has used the Blixer for scientific analysis of some tobacco products.

The above examples merely skim the surface of all the exciting possibilities created by everything that the Blixer is capable of doing. We are always discovering new ways that this revolutionary unit can provide solutions for our customers. 

If any of the above Blixer applications are of interest to you, schedule a free foodservice equipment assessment to see how the Blixer might fit your unique needs!

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