Intelligent Cooking Meets Reliability With The Rational iVario Pro

Posted by Pace Reps on Aug 27, 2021 3:00:00 AM

Rational iVario Pro Blog Image-2Food prep and cooking consumes a lot of time in a restaurant environment. Stirring, adjusting temperatures, and preparing multiple portion sizes can eat into your kitchen's efficiency and labor costs. Help eliminate these issues and increase your kitchen's productivity with intelligent cooking from the Rational iVario Pro. By adapting to your kitchen staff's habits, adjusting cooking paths, and making sure no food boils over or burns, the iVario Pro gives your team more time for other tasks and makes sure each dish turns out perfectly.

Become More Flexible

iVario Pro Rational Being flexible in the foodservice industry is a must. Not only do customers have special requests, but there are times when different portion sizes are necessary, or you may need to create meals for your organization's staff. iVario Pro's iZoneControl can help. With four zones that can be divided into any size or portion your kitchen needs, it will help you prepare multiple meals with ease. You can even use different temperatures in different zones. So you're only using power where and when you need it.

Cost Savings For Your Business

The iVario Pro provides various features, making it a sound investment that will pay for itself. Combing the functions of multiple appliances and cookware, the iVario Pro saves on costs and with the iCookingSuite, the system is easy to use, even for beginners.

With less cookware used, there are savings on storage space, water, and cleaning time. Consistent cooking levels prevent burning or overcooking, which saves on ingredients and food waste. With AutoLift, there's no monitoring needed - food is automatically lifted from the fryer when it's cooked without being mushy or burnt. Alerts signal once it's time for food to be flipped or removed. All of which adds up to labor savings. 

There are also energy savings with the iVario Pro. The iVarioBoost energy management system consumes less electricity than traditional appliances. It focuses energy directly on the food being prepared and has ceramic heating elements that provide exceptional speed with uniform, efficient heat distribution. See the iVario Pro in-action in the below video. 


Stepping Up Productivity

The iVario Pro has intelligent cooking abilities to help with productivity and allows your staff to cook a variety of dishes with one appliance. The continuous temperature regulation feature frees staff from consistently monitoring temperatures on pasta and soups. There's even a water intake feature for sous vide - the iVario Pro will fill with the precise amount of water needed every time. No more overfilled pots or spilling on kitchen floors.

With the ability to boil, deep fry, pressure cook, or seer, the intelligent cooking abilities of the Rational iVario Pro let your kitchen staff prepare perfectly cooked meals every time.

Interested in learning more about how intelligent cooking features on the Rational iVario Pro can help your kitchen? Pace Reps are here to help. 

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