Saving Money (and Energy!) with the RATIONAL iCombi Pro

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Many restaurants are searching for ways to reduce their energy bills while increasing their sustainability. With rising energy prices and increased consumer demand for restaurants that reduce their carbon footprint, ENERGY STAR ratings are more important than ever. And with the RATIONAL iCombi Pro, which recently received the updated ENERGY STAR 3.0 rating, foodservice businesses can get food served quicker while helping the environment and their bottom line. 

It's More Than A Blue Badge

Many people are familiar with the blue logo that comes with an ENERGY STAR rating, but it is much more than simply a badge. ENERGY STAR is a rating backed by the United States government that indicates energy efficiency.

Having an ENERGY STAR 3.0 rating is important because it indicates that the appliance uses less energy. The new version 3.0 rating requires even more demanding consumption values to be achieved – particularly for electric units. This reduces the carbon footprint of that appliance and allows the user to save money on energy expenses.

Appliances with an ENERGY STAR rating have saved more than $500 billion dollars in energy expenses since the program was instituted in 1992. These same appliances have prevented approximately four billion metric tons of greenhouse gas from being released into the environment. So, an ENERGY STAR rating is a sign of commitment to not only cost savings but also environmental protection.


The RATIONAL iCombi Pro has received the new ENERGY STAR 3.0 rating, a sign that it is one of the most energy-efficient appliances on the market today. It is one of the most compact cooking steamers on the market, taking up less than one square meter, and can handle meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, and even baked goods.

Featuring powerful air circulation and dehumidification, it comes with iDensity Control, boosting its productivity while also shortening cooking times. The RATIONAL iCombi Pro delivers consistent, uniform results, making it one of the most reliable cooking appliances on the market today.

With access to the iCookingSuite, users can also tailor the iCombi Pro to match their needs. For example, there might be situations where users need to get a few meals ready at once, but there might be other situations where users need to get a few dozen meals at once. The RATIONAL iCombi Pro automatically checks the condition of the food, compares it to the desired result, and intrinsically adjusts the cooking process and temperature to provide the desired results.

And with the iCareSystem, the iCombi Pro cleans itself with an ultrafast mode in 12 minutes. That means you can cook salmon, clean the oven and then bake pasties - with no worry of transferred smells or flavors! And the self-cleaning function means cleaning without staff needing to do anything other than putting in a cleaning tablet and hitting a button. Letting them concentrate on other work that needs to be completed.  

Save Energy With RATIONAL

RATIONAL features a variety of appliances with an ENERGY STAR rating in addition to the iCombi Pro. For example, countless commercial kitchens rely on the iVario, one of the most popular options for boiling and frying, which also features an ENERGY STAR badge.  New, additional unit sizes have also been added to the scope. Rational now has the ENERGY STAR certification for the iCombi Pro XS and the iCombi Pro 20-Full size electric. All approved models are listed on the ENERGY STAR Product Finder page. This is just another sign that RATIONAL is committed to helping users save money on their energy expenses, particularly during a time when the cost of energy is rising. When these savings are combined with an opportunity to protect a vulnerable environment, it is clear why RATIONAL has become one of the most popular brands in the industry. 

How Pace Reps Can Help

Because RATIONAL has so many options available, particularly those with an ENERGY STAR rating, it can be difficult for commercial kitchens to decide which one is right for their needs. For example, schools and hospitals might need different equipment when compared to hotels and restaurants.

Get hands-on experience in all things RATIONAL by visiting our test kitchen in Fairburn, Georgia. Our expert team can help you figure out what works best in your commercial kitchen and how ENERGY STAR appliances can help your bottom line. 

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