What Is a Blixer?

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what is a blixer_

Robot-Coupe has come up with another ingenious piece of equipment that simplifies several tasks in a commercial kitchen. Ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, nursing care facilities, day care centers and hospitals, the Blixer combines the features of a bowl type food processor and a blender/mixer, ultimately allowing for the production of incredibly smooth and homogenized menu items.

What Is A Blixer? 

what is a blixerAt a glance, the Blixer has the appearance of a sturdy bowl type food processor with the power to evenly purée raw and cooked foods with ease.

  • Industrial strength, high horsepower motor
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Fine, serrated stainless steel blades
  • Speeds up to 3600 RPM
  • Easy to clean scraper arm

Countertop models are available from a 2.5-quart capacity to a 20-quart capacity, while floor models are designed to sit in stainless steel frames on retractable wheels and are available with up to 63-quart


Traditional bowl type food processors and blenders, while terrific for many applications, can nevertheless sometimes lack the ability to process certain foods to the required level of smoothness and homogenization. Many times, health care facilities find themselves adding liquids to a recipe in an attempt to “smooth it out,” often with the unintended result of watering the food down and decreasing its nutrient density in the process. Many hospitals and assisted living communities require the ability to process certain menu items to an extremely smooth consistency without even the slightest solid pieces due to swallowing issues on the part of the patient or resident.

Historically, certain menu items that are available to the general patient or resident population (such as peas, beans, pineapple, cabbage, etc.) have been withheld from clients with swallowing issues such as dysphagia because the typical food processor simply could not process those foods to a safe enough texture and consistency to prevent choking. However, due to its revolutionary design, the Blixer now makes it simple to prepare foods to even a liquified state that can be used in tube feeding.

The Blixer’s unique S-blade design, when combined with a motor speed that is TWICE the RPMs of a typical bowl food processor, is capable of processing foods extraordinarily thoroughly, even when the bowl is only partially filled. The Blixer quickly produces up to hundreds of meal portions of cooked and raw foods free of lumps and bubbles, while bowl-type processors must be stopped periodically to scrape food chunks from the sides. The Blixer's internal scraper arm pushes large pieces of food back toward the spinning blades to ensure the smoothest output imaginable. This is a time-saving feature, as well as one that provides consistency.

Specialty Uses 

In addition to producing medically required pureed foods, the Blixer is an excellent resource for preparing signature sauces, purees, blends, and emulsifications. While a traditional food processor cannot handle the toughness or dryness of some ingredients with consistency, a Blixer easily blends purées, pastes, and pestos to perfection. Consider these applications that can benefit from super-smooth and thorough results:

  • Creamy chickpea hummus and vegetable dips
  • Purées for gourmet molding and piping
  • Perfectly smooth soups and sauces
  • Colorful berry and fruit coulis for desserts
  • Delicious mousses and pastry creams
  • Flavorful mayonnaise, dressings, and spreads
  • Raw vegetable blends with all the health benefits
  • Exotic spice rubs and marinades 

The Blixer - Essential Equipment For Commercial Foodservice 

The Blixer allows you to liquefy, grind, chop, purée, and emulsify -- all in the same unit. It is a great time-saver in a busy kitchen. Using the simple push-button controls, you can rapidly process various product quantities with ease. It offers solutions for several of the major concerns in commercial foodservice operations, from quality and safety to efficiency and labor savings.

The Blixer is pretty amazing. Schedule a free assessment with us, and see firsthand what you can do with a Robot-Coupe Blixer.

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