What Is Citryne, and Why It Matters to Your Foodservice Business

Posted by Pace Reps on May 15, 2019 6:22:07 PM

What Is Citryne, and Why It Matters to Your Foodservice Business

We have a few questions for you.

Have you ever experienced issues in your commercial kitchen when your equipment broke down too soon, or at the very least, when it became unreliable? What about energy costs? Are there times when you’ve used way more energy than you thought you would? Have you ever experienced an uptick in service calls for repairs?

The bottom line is many of these issues can be traced right back to your water, and of all water-related issues in commercial kitchens, 70 percent of those are caused by scale. So the questions to us, then, are what is scale, and how do you eliminate it? Let’s start with scale:


And how do you eliminate it? You start with a company that is dedicated exclusively to eliminated scale. Their name is Terry, and the do it using something called Citryne®. 

What Is Citryne?

Citryne is a food grade, biodegradable formulation that is environmentally friendly, NSF- and FDA-approved, and free of any hazardous chemicals. It can be used on equipment without the need to stop water flow, and in many cases operations, while at the same time removing existing scale buildup and preventing it from forming in the future.

Citryne begins on contact and is effective in all types of water conditions. For operators, it makes life pretty easy, too:

• No flow restrictions
• No electricity needed
• No magnets or other pseudo-science
• No wasted water
• No drain required
• No moving parts
• No corrosive salts
• No calibration

Get to know more about Terry and Citryne. Schedule a free foodservice equipment assessment and demonstration, and let the experts at Pace Reps walk you through the benefits of optimizing your water so all your equipment runs at tip-top shape.


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